100% Water Recycle

EC-CLLEEN™ 100% Water Recycle Treatment

To be able to offer a total 100% Recycle of wastewater or septage,  CLLEEN™ Water and Power joins forces with Electro-Coagulation specialists. Yes, this powerful treatment combination allows us to successfully handle ANY form of wastewater in a cost effective and efficient manner with 100% water recycle.  AND it is a chemical free water and wastewater treatment system.

Advanced ElectroCoagulation units along with the new cutting-edge CLLEEN™ MSF (Multi-Stage-Flash-Distillation) technology creates a system designed to handle the most difficult waste water situations in a cost-effective and an ecological manner.

This allows the team to be able to handle waters with high TSS, and High TDS including high TDS Frac waters, produced waters, Acid Mine Waters, Food Processing, sewage/septage and many more applications including oily waste waters and contaminated muddy brackish marsh waters into potable waters. The 100% water recycle system is also capable of harvesting valuable fats and proteins, breaking the oil/water (rag-layer) bonds common to produced waters and then recapturing the freed oils.

Although the two companies use different processes, they are like minded in wanting to achieve the same end with responsible energy consumption to produce clean water. The system is extremely efficient with the ElectroCoagulation system sitting in the front of the treatment train preceded only by standard screening and pH adjustment if necessary. The CLLEEN™ MSF system then follows, acting in a dual capacity. Firstly as a secondary separation for the EC and second as a removal system for short carbon chain contaminants and solubles such as sodium chloride. The result is boiler quality distilled water and a sludge that is made up of 30% solids. In many cases the sludge could classify as EPA “Class A” sludge and become fertilizer.


ec cleen diagram, Produced Water and Oil Recovery System, www.waterdesalinationplants.com


Here are just a few of the applications suitable for the EC-CLLEENmethod of water treatment and water recycle.

  • Produced waters
  • Frac waters
  • Drilling Mud waters
  • Acid Mine Waters
  • Textile Dye waters
  • Sewage waters (Flush’n’CLLEEN™)
  • Arsenic Well waters
  • Tar Sand waters
  • Pesticide contamination
  • Medical contamination
  • Radioactive waters
  • Chromium Six
  • Perchlorate contamination
  • Phosphate removal
  • Sodium Chloride removal
  • VOCs removal

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