CLLEEN™ Water Treatment and Power System Specifications

CLLEEN™ 1000 – Commercial/Industrial CLLEEN™ Water Treatment Unit:

trailer mounted skid - CLLEEN WAter and Treatment System,


  • Water Production: 1,090m3/day
  • 288,000GPD or 1,090,000L/day
  • Volume = 200GPM or 757LPM
  • Remote Monitoring, and Trending of Data accessible via VPN
  • Self-powered with proprietary battery unit/alternator charger boost inverted to 480V/60Hz/3phase AC power, needs no outside liquid fuel, gas fuel, or grid electricity
  • 2.43mX2.43mX12.1m; 41,000lbs (51,000lbs w Trailer Mount), within USDOT Specs for over-the-road transport
  • Weight – 35,000 US lbs


CLLEEN's system used for mining, frac water, industrial waste water, drinking water supplies, remote locality assistance, humanitarian/disaster relief

CLLEEN™ 500 – Also as Military Water Treatment Unit:

Ruggedized Military Unit - CLLEEN Water and Power System,

Ruggedized Military Unit

  • Water Production: 545 m3/day
  • 144,000GPD or 545,000L/day
  • Volume = 100GPM or 378LPM
  • 2.43mX2.43mX6m (stackable on C-130 Transport)
  • Weight – 17,000 US lbs

Currently scheduling proof-of-concept water desalination demonstration for US Navy to:

  • withstand shock loadings (per criteria of MIL-S-901)
  • withstand environmental vibrations or internal excitation caused by unbalanced rotating components
  • (per criteria of MIL-STD-167-1)
  • be electromagnetically compatible with surrounding equipment (per criteria of MIL-STD-461)
  • meet noise requirements (per criteria of MIL-STD-740)
  • be constructed of materials that will not create toxic fumes during fires in enclosed spaces or corrode
  • from seawater service or in a salt atmosphere
  • operate on minimal or no hazardous materials and chemicals to reduce the storage, handling, and
  • disposal issues of these items on Navy ships (per criteria of OPNAVINST 5090.1C)



  • Water Production: 272 m3/day
  • 72,000GPD or 272,000L/day
  • Volume = 50GPM or 190LPM
  • 2.43mX2.43mX3.65m long or 8’x8’x12′ long
  • Weight – 7,000 US lbs



  • Water Production: 136 m3/day
  • 36,000GPD or 136,000L/day
  • Volume = 25GPM or 95LPM
  • 2.43mX2.43mX2.43m long or 8’x8’x8′ long
  • Weight – 3,500 US lbs




The CLLEEN™ Water and Power units are wholly self-contained units. They contain multiple Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) distillation chambers that can each produce 25 gallons water per minute. The unit is designed to treat water at an ambient temperature of 77degF or higher, but has an air heater to compensate for cooler seasonal temperatures.

This breakthrough in MSF only uses 5.18 kWh/m3 of electrical energy to produce pure water. No mechanical or thermal energy is required to flash the water in this process.

However, mentioning an energy consumption of only 5.18 kWh/m3 is merely to impress upon the worldwide water community that this is, in fact, a breakthrough in MSF. The reason is that CLLEEN™ has taken it a huge step further by actually supply its own power source for the entire unit. There is no use of any grid electricity, gas fuel or liquid fuel for the unit operation.

The battery uses a rechargeable DC voltage source, boost inverted to provide 460V/60Hz/3phase AC power to the CLLEEN™ unit. The unit houses a spare DC battery and charger so that when the source battery is depleted, the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) puts the spare into service and the first battery begins recharging.