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Anthony Migyanka interviewed by Tara Roskell – Oct 14, 2011

In this inventor interview Anthony Migyanka, the inventor of the CLLEEN Water System ( talks about how he created a system that could help with the problem of the shortage of clean water in many parts of the World. This interview is available both as a podcast or in written form.


Australia Global, CLLEEN Water to develop water processing system – Aug 30, 2011


How New Partnership helps Resources sector renew, recycle, reuse a broader spectrum of wastewaters – Dec 17, 2011


World First – How New Partnership helps Resources sector renew, recycle, reuse a broader spectrum of wastewaters – Sept 18, 2011

Mining, Oil, Gas sector to benefit from new partnership for a very effective wastewater treatment that treats a broad spectrum of wastewaters in a cost effective and ecological manner.


New CLLEEN Water and Power Solution Brochure – Jan 14, 2012


Australia Global Trading and CLLEEN™ join forces for environmentally friendly water solution – Aug 25, 2011

Australia Global Trading has formed a strategic alliance with CLLEEN™ Water and Power, a water treatment company based in Texas, USA, to introduce this new method of processing to the Australian resources sector. The technology will reduce costs in producing potable water, treating waste water, as well as reducing maintenance and operator costs for oil, mining and gas sector operations.


Mining water issues addressed by Aust Global Trading joining up with CLLEEN Water and Power – Aug 26, 2011


Troy Derengowski checks out the Clleen-est Solution to Fracking Issues with Chemical Engineer Anthony Migyanka – March 26, 2012

Controversy continues to rage with fracking in the USA. Water is a scarce resource and huge quantities are used in fracking with problems treating it for reuse and disposal. Until NOW. CLLEEN Water and Power is able to solve this problem for the drillers and the community


Radio 6PR interview – Graham Mabury, Australia  with Anthony Migyanka – Texas, USA – November 29, 2011

You can listen to this  Australian Radio Interview with Host, Graham Mabury and Anthony Migyanka, Founder, CLLEEN Water and Power in Texas, USA.