CLLEEN Water and Power Partners

Our Current Authorised CLLEENWater and Power Partners include:



International Consultants who provide  innovative solutions using environmentally sustainable energy proposals


nSynergy System

Strategic partner marketing & Business Development in Pakistan & Middle East.  Provides water treatment solutions in a variety of industries.



MyGreenChoice offers solution based products that not only provide the opportunity to be proactive towards doing the right thing for the environment, they are cost saving as well. Water treatment solutions is one of their specialties.


GreenFlo Energy

GreenFlo Renewable Energy is a Canadian engineering company specialising in renewable energy system design, manufacturing, installation , operation and maintenance


Andres Arriagada

Specialist in mining sector. Particular focus on assisting CLLEEN Water and Power to solve Chile’s water problems.


Owl Capital Group

Specialists in funding renewable energy and water projects with interests in geothermal energy, water recycling, and water generation. Contact Ronnie Garcia for assistance with CLLEEN Water and Power solutions.


Al-Thurya Co.

Specialists in water treatment for Kuwait and Saudia Arabia.


How to become a CLLEEN Water and Power Partner


If you would like to become a partner with CLLEEN Water and Power Solutions, please contact us with details of your water treatment interest area. We will be in touch shortly to go through the CLLEEN Water and Power Partner Program with you.

As a CLLEENWater and Power Partner, our systems will put you comprehensively beyond any other treatment solution currently in the marketplace – in simplicity and efficacy.

CLLEEN Water and Power Partners are currently representing us in 16 countries around the world.