CLLEEN Water Treatment – Maintenance

Normally RO plants are very easy to operate and maintain, with simple water pumps, pipes, drive belts, what happens in the case that the CLLEEN unit breaks down? What do we do?

We have designed the CLLEEN units for minimal maintenance. The only ‘things’ that should really suffer failure is the pumps, which can be easily replaced, air blower (same), or air heater (same). We provide a parts list upon shipping.

For the proprietary parts (chamber internals, PLC, or power system), CLLEEN engineers will fly in to repair/replace.

CLLEEN maintenance is very easy and is less in cost and time to perform


Does CLLEEN have a critical spare parts list, including estimated prices?

Yes, a CLLEEN™ critical spare parts list is delivered upon shipping.

Does CLLEEN have authorised service technicians in various countries?

Typically, CLLEEN’s customer has identified that their own operators will be operating the equipment.  CLLEEN will train those service technicians /operators in operations and maintenance, and if there is any operational issue of the proprietary parts,  CLLEEN will fly engineers on-site to repair/replace.  CLLEEN is also currently actively seeking partnerships with service companies in various countries.

Do CLLEEN water treatment units require any daily cleaning, tanks, filters etc?

There is no scheduled daily maintenance for CLLEEN water treatment units. However, we presume in most cases to run 23 out of 24 hours, to give an hour to pull sludge off the bottom of the clarifier etc.

With the CLLEEN Water Treatment System, does one need to purchase many consumables on an ongoing basis as with an RO System?

NO – CLLEEN does NOT use filters or membranes, nor does it require pre-treatment chemicals etc. This represents a significant cost saving to any water treatment operation. Normal maintenance costs such as pump seal replacement as per pump manufacturer specifications does apply. This is a requirement for any desalination or wastewater treatment system.