CLLEEN Water Treatment Solutions

Can CLLEEN supply the complete water treatment equipment to produce 16,000 or 30,000m3 from sewage? How would the feed end and the discharge end water supply work? And the sludge?

Yes, CLLEEN can provide the correct solution and equipment for sewage treatment of whatever rate is required. The Flush’n’CLLEEN water treatment information describes the process here.

Is there any use for the sludge following CLLEEN water treatment?

If it is sludge from drilling, mining, or other industrial operations, there are discussions in the USA about using it in cement mix in concrete production, because of the metals content.  It hasn’t been adopted yet, but CLLEEN Water and Power agrees with that assessment.

If it is sludge from sewerage, then yes, the electrocoagulation pre-treatment will kill the “bad” bacteria (E. Coli, fecal coliform, cryptosporidium, etc, and has been proven to kill same in independent laboratory tests). CLLEEN will then reintroduce the ammonia to the sludge to make a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that is considered “non-hazardous” and therefore can be used as fertilizer as it is considered lawn-safe, and garden-safe, i.e. you can put it on crops or grass for beneficial reuse.

For the treatment of sewerage water /used water can CLLEEN design a specific unit to meet our parameters?

Yes.  For treatment of sewerage water where it contains fecal solids, part of the CLLEEN solution  might be to add an electrocoagulation unit or other pre-treatment on the front end. This will kill the bacteria in the solids, and coagulate/collect them, to treat the water effluent in the CLLEEN equipment.

How efficient is the CLLEEN Water Treatment Unit System at producing water?

The CLLEEN Water Treatment system provides a higher efficiency conversion rate (seawater or wastewater to pure water) of  up to 85% for CLLEEN versus 60% typically  for RO.

What applications can the CLLEEN Water Treatment Unit be used for?

The CLLEEN Water Treatment commercial skid can treat Oil and Gas frac water, abandoned and active mine discharge, bore water, desalinate seawater for coastal desalination, cruise ships, humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
For more information please view our Application Page

Does the CLLEEN water treatment system produce drinkable water?

Whether the water treatment is for desalination for a town’s water supply, treating mine wastewater, or other water treatment requirement, the water is evaporated from seawater or wastewater down to pure H20, at a rate of 1,090m3/day and this is all drinkable.

Can the CLLEEN Water Treatment Unit be used for desalination on ships?

Yes, there is a CLLEEN water desalination ‘half’ skid available for use on naval, cruise, aircraft carrier vessels. This water treatment skid produces 547m3/day of water or 144,000 Gallons Per Day.

Can large scale water desalination facilities operate with a CLLEEN Water Treatment system ?

Yes most definitely and for significantly reduced costs to currently used RO and MSF water desalination systems. Reduced costs include less for ‘set up’, consumables, maintenance, labor.
Please view Applications Page for examples of municipal sea water desalination plant comparisons. The Costs Page has Tampa Bay Florida water desalination facility comparisons.