Frac Brine Crystallization

This is your solution for how to reduce frac brine disposal costs that are an ongoing concern for drillers everywhere.

CLLEEN VAP – Frac Brine Crystallization Solution will:

• Treat the frac brine on-site – directly from the pit/pond/lagoon

Crystallize the frac brine instead of storing and/or disposing of it in its liquid state

• Eliminate deep-well injection of frac brine as a disposal ‘solution’

• Produce crystallized salt

• Reduce trucking costs due to brine being treated on-site, with end result being crystallized salt.

• Be an environmentally friendly solution to  a difficult disposal problem.


Existing Driller Problems:

The economics of drilling have variables that can change without warning:Natural Gas Waste Pond, CLLEEN VAP for Oil, Gas, Energy frac brine treatment and disposal.

  • fresh water costs
  • fresh water availability: i.e. “Water Days” in Texas and elsewhere
  • trucking for frac brine disposal
  • per-barrel frac brine disposal prices
  • Federal, State and Local environmental requirements that are subject to change
  • a soft injection well formation that cannot accept frac brine any longer and is shut due to fears of earthquakes
  • produced water pipelines that are an impending environmental disaster due to the possibility of leaks and breaks that span the length of the pipeline…


If the economics of deep well injection of frac brine that include: containment area construction, frac brine trucking, deep-well frac brine disposal, secondary containment, handling, and storage are not delivering a satisfying bottom line for your operation:

  • On-site evaporation of flowback and produced waters with CLLEEN VAP can improve your bottom line


  • Impress upon the community your commitment to “Go Green”.

Using CLLEEN VAP makes good economic sense AND demonstrates being an environmentally-conscious “Good Neighbor”.

Download the CLLEEN VAP  Frac Brine Disposal PDF document that provides you with more information on just how this CLLEEN VAP solution can work for your Oil and Gas frac brine treatment and disposal needs.

OR simply Contact Us so that we can determine the best frac brine solution to meet your needs.