CLLEEN FRAC for Oil, Gas, Energy Frac Water Treatment

CLLEEN FRAC is the first cost-effective, end-to-end water treatmentNatural Gas Waste Pond, CLLEEN FRAC for Oil, Gas, Energy water treatment. for frac water – for both flowback and produced waters of oil and gas drilling.


  • CLLEEN FRAC eliminates the need for hazardous sludge disposal costs (ours is non-hazardous, and can be land-applied or sold as clean fill)
  • CLLEEN FRAC eliminates the need for deep well injection of brine (we take it down to dry salts, and resell it to industry)
  • CLLEEN FRAC deactivates radioactive elements, returns the free oil, and gives at least 70% of the water back to the driller as potable water

And it is all below what Energy and Power companies are paying now for frac water treatment.

CLLEEN FRAC’s environmentally-conscious “Green-Tech” also provides concerned local communities and media with environmentally-friendly (zero-liquid discharge (ZLD), zero hazardous waste, 70% water recycle/reuse) reasons to support oil and gas drilling, not oppose it.


Fracking Gas, CLLEEN FRAC for Oil, Gas, Energy sector for water treatment




Download this CLLEEN FRAC  PDF document that provides you with much more information on just how this CLLEEN FRAC solution can work for your Oil and Gas frac water treatment needs.

OR simply Contact Us so that we can determine the best frac water treatment solution to meet your needs.