Onsite Mobile Frac Water Treatment for Oil, Gas – CLLEEN FRAC MOBILE

A mobile frac water treatment solution has been on the ‘wish list’ for years. Currently, billions of gallons of flowback and production water from hydraulic fracturing operations worldwide sit in ponds, pits, and lagoons. This frac water can be recycled and reused, not only for future wells, but also for agricultural, commercial, and residential use.

But, those billions of gallons of water are sitting idle and untreated because sufficient mobile frac water treatment hasn’t been available. And trucking the water to a stationary frac water treatment plant, if such a plant even exists, is not cost effective.

With worldwide droughts, water scarcity, and water quality concerns, the problem of waiting for a frac water treatment answer looms larger every day.


CLLEEN FRAC Mobile is now available for Frac Water Treatment – worldwide.

clleen frac mobile process, frac water treatment, www.waterdesalinationplants.comCLLEEN comes to you with its trailer-mounted frac water treatment units.  The water is  pre-treated to precipitate heavy metals in the pits themselves. This ensures a clean salt product for recycle and reuse.

The CLLEEN FRAC Mobile unit distills the water and blends it with brine to give you the required TDS levels you desire for reuse in new wells (or for catchment or other discharge).

The CLLEEN FRAC Mobile solution crystallizes the remaining brine down to dry salts. The remaining dry salt is then hauled away for you.


Frac Water Treatment Advantages and Outcomes with CLLEEN FRAC Mobile

  • Your water scarcity problem is solved
  • Your sludge is ready for disposal,
  • The CLLEEN FRAC Mobile solution saves you and your community the costs, both economic and environmental, of literally tons of salt that would have been otherwise landfilled.
  • There’s no brine to truck, deep-well inject, or otherwise dispose of.

The CLLEEN FRAC Mobile water treatment solution provides you with environmentally-friendly cost savings:

Your community will love it, and you will too.

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