Water Treatment Application

All these applications using CLLEEN’s™ Water Treatment System

produce pure H20

Desalination of underground or sea water.

For example:

  • Bore water desalination for mining and remote community water supplies
  • Sea water desalination for remote community potable water
  • Seawater desalination for town and city water requirements

Active and Abandoned Mine Drainage Water Treatment

Frac Water Treatment – first environmentally friendly end-to-end water treatment solution

Septage/Sewage Treatment

Other Industrial Wastewater Treatment


A couple of large scale examples for where the CLLEEN™ system when used for water desalination, could literally save hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention reduced energy costs and being much more environmentally friendly.

  • Lonsdale, south of Adelaide’s seawater desalination plant is reported to have a total cost of $1.83billion, with the plant delivering up to 100 billion litres of water each year (100GL) – about half of Adelaide’s annual water supply.
    The CLLEEN™ water desalination system can achieve the same outcome for a facility of this size, for less cost with more efficiency.

Ie 100 billion litres/yr would require 252 CLLEEN™ skids, plus controls and systems for a large water desalination plant, with the costs being in the vicinity of $600million. There would not be any grid electricity used and the brine disposal would be much less with resultant significantly reduced annual O&M costs.

  • Similarly with the recent West Australian announcement of an expansion to the Binningup Water Desalination Plant to the tune of approx $500million, CLLEEN™ is in a position to be able to construct a 50 GL facility and transfer operations for under $300million.


water treatment, water desalination, Sobering facts, water-stressed countries, increasing population, waterdesalinationplants.com          A few more sobering facts:

  •           20thCentury: Population increased 3-fold; Water use increased 6-foldwater treatment, water desalination, wastewater treatment, WASH Sustainabililty Charter Endorser, waterdesalinationplants.com
  •           2.4 billion people live in water‐stressed countries
  •           1 in 5 people do not have access to safe drinking water
  •           1 in 4 people affected by water‐related illness.



Water, Climate Change and Community wellbeing are interlinked. Some estimationswater treatment, water desalination, wastewater treatment, water,climate change and community interlinked, waterdesalinationplants.com

  •  2025:    280 Million (India) & 381 million people (China) under absolute water scarcity
  • 2050:    Global Population of 9 Billion people
  • 2050:    India would have exhausted its water supplies

Source:  International Finance Corporation  11/3/2009