Water Treatment Comparisons


Although Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems are neither the most efficient nor cost effective solution for water treatment, until now they have been the most commonly used method for a variety of circumstances where water treatment is required.

Comparison of Reverse Osmosis versus CLLEEN’s Multi Stage Flash Technology

While CLLEEN’s™ system is not Reverse Osmosis, the Multi Stage Flash process is not standard Multi Stage Flash either. It is considered Multi Stage Flash because we distill the water in two stages. First the feedwater is heated with a heat exchanger from our hot condensate stream (stage 1). Secondly, the water is flashed in CLLEEN’s™ proprietary chamber (stage 2).

However, the CLLEEN™ system uses an electric heater in the chamber, and the air is heated, not the water, and therefore is considered multi-stage flash distillation. The condensate product is less than 5 ppm TDS. The unit (of any size) does 4-5X the same volume of water that any Reverse Osmosis unit of equivalent footprint does on the market.

Because CLLEEN™ simply flashes the water, the condensate is pulled off the top of the chamber, and a concentrated brine stream is collected from the bottom of the chamber. So procedurally, it operates like Reverse Osmosis in that we do create a concentrated brine (which means the customer will already have a brine disposal solution in place, whether through diffusion, injection, crystallization or some other method). So in virtually every way (at least with regard to customer workflow), it compares to Reverse Osmosis, and favorably at that.

CLLEEN™ converts at least 70% (by volume) of the water to potable (less than 5 ppm TDS) versus 40-50% conversion (by volume) for Reverse Osmosis.  CLLEEN’s™ process does not use high pressure pumps like Reverse Osmosis systems. CLLEEN’s™ system is self-powered with a proprietary battery pack and solar charger. CLLEEN’s™ system does not use chemicals, filters, floc tanks, or need backwashing, so maintenance is drastically reduced for the customer. CLLEEN™ maintains the chamber internals and proprietary battery/charger/PLC, and that is included in the purchase price and/or the lease price to the customer.

 CLLEEN’s™ Water Treatment and Power System Advantages

The new technology with the CLLEEN™ Water and Power system has at least 14 major Advantages over Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems:

  1. No chemical pre-treatment necessary. No flocculant, no coagulant, no biocide and no corresponding filtration necessary.
  2. No clarifier needed.big green tick, CLLEEN Water and Power, Waterdesalinationplants
  3. No sludge disposal system and no associated sludge removal costs necessary.
  4. No secondary pre-treatment necessary. No ultrafiltration, and no NaHSO3 necessary to protect an RO membrane. No anti-scalant chemical treatment necessary to protect an RO membrane.
  5. No RO cleaning unit necessary.
  6. No high pressure pump necessary.
  7. No sensitivity to feedwater pH, temperature, conductivity or turbidity.
  8. No backwashing necessary.
  9. Fewer controls necessary (no online chemical dosage meters, chemical pumps, etc).
  10. No shutdown or maintenance due to RO membrane rupture, clogging or fouling necessary.
  11. No complex auto-valving necessary for shutdown/restart or backwash.
  12. Higher efficiency conversion (of seawater to pure water, or wastewater to pure water): Up to 85% for CLLEEN™ versus 60% for RO.
  13. Environmentally friendly system with reduced  energy and consumables required.
  14. Reduced maintenance costs in labor and equipment

If your problem is water treatment, whether it be  wastewater treatment, AMD, Frac water, water desalination or something else – Contact Us .  We can help you solve your problem effectively and efficiently for significantly less initial and ongoing costs.


The 4 water treatment solution diagrams below help you see how and where CLLEEN  Water and Power and its associated companion technologies can assist you with any facet of water treatment.

Existing Water Treatment Solutions, CLLEEN Water and Power diagrams

CLLEEN Water Treatment Solutions, CLLEEN Water and POwer


CLLEEN Water Treatment Solutions, CLLEEN Water and POwer

CLLEEN Water Treatment Solutions, CLLEEN Water and POwer